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What a difference a day makes…
June 23, 2008, 9:35 pm
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You know, sometimes I really hate being a girl.  I deny it a lot…and in a lot of ways, I’m not your typical girl.  And then, in the course of one day, I realize exactly how in denial I am.

Being a girl, I’m never 100% happy with body.  I mean c’mon, we all have SOMETHING we don’t like.  Thing is, I’ve never been one of those girls who let that get me down.  I think I’m cute.  But in the last couple of months I’ve gotten really down on myself.  I’m not as in shape as I want to be.  And I think a lot of it was the fact that I got REALLY skinny after the divorce, almost gross skinny.  So I had to buy all new clothes.  Believe me, I’m too curvy to be a size 1 forever.

Well, after a winter of no gym and good eats, I’m not a size 1 anymore.  I’m totally okay with this.  I’m more than okay with it, I’m HAPPY about it.  I don’t like the way I look in those pictures.  Problem is, when you try to fit a size 3/4 into size 1/2 jeans…you FEEL fat.  Okay, before I get assaulted – I know a size 4 isn’t fat…but when I stuff myself into a size too small pair of jeans…I feel fat.

So…this weekend I went to the Valley, got a much needed haircut, and bought myself a few pair of jeans…in the right size (and on FANTASTIC sale too!)

I haven’t felt this good about myself in months.  It’s so nice to look in the mirror and like what I see.  It sucks that it took a $30 haircut and $15 jeans to do what Logan telling me I’m beautiful everyday couldn’t.

I hate being a girl.


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