A Little Bug in a Big World

Sometimes I wonder…
July 3, 2008, 1:02 pm
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I think the fact that my two current obsessions are melding in my subconscious is a sign of a HUGE problem.

I had interesting dreams last night. Very interesting.

My characters from WoW – Nerisa, an undead warrior (Horde), Kasadya, a Blood Elf Hunter (Horde), Minnini, a Gnome Warrior (Alliance) and Iradyl, a Night Elf Druid (Alliance) decided it would be good to put aside their differences and start a knitting club. Yup, WoW stitch and bitch.

So, it’s really far more intricate than that…Nerisa, being undead with ridiculously long finger nails, was just completely frustrated because she couldn’t manage needs and her nails. Minnini, who’s voice sounds like a completely attitude ridden valley girl, is laughing her ass off going “Not enough talent” a la her normal “Not enough rage.” All the while Kasadya is sitting there looking completely bored at all the going’s on. I guess I haven’t played with Iradyl enough yet (she’s only a level 8 ) to know her personality, because although she was there, she didn’t really say much.

So, Logan now thinks I’ve gone off the deep-end completely….and maybe I have…


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