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Cosplay: The Madness Begins Anew
January 17, 2011, 1:38 am
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Yup, you heard right.  We’re at it again.  Mom and I have been actively brainstorming the druid T9 and Tyrande costumes.  And pretty heavily at that.  Tyrande won’t be worked on anytime soon.  If I’m honest, she’s kind of a dream right now.  I plan on recruiting heavily from friendors for her.

The druid though, I think we have a pretty good handle on her.  It’s funny, she’s almost the exact opposite of the sprite darter.  The SD was about big, recognizable elements done well.  But there was really very little detail work on her.  The druid…she’s all in the details.  The basic pieces, the skirts, the corset, the harness…those are all pretty basic and easy.  The devil is going to be in the details.  The fasteners, the feathers, the detail on the leather work, then embroidery, the LED lighting, the shoulders and the staff.  All of them are painstakingly detailed, and I really need to own that detail for the costume to work.  I hope we’re up to the task.

But, progress is progress, and we are officially out of the planning stages as of today.

Yesterday, I remodeled my guest room into a craft room so that mom and I can sew without taking up the entire dining room table.

Welcome to the craft closet, your knitting and sewing headquarters.  So, instead of the sewing machine in the coat closet, the (new) dressform hanging out and scaring Logan, yarn hanging out in the office and any number of sewing notions scattered throughout the house, we have ONE place for all of it.  WOOHOO!  There is also a 4 foot table outside the closet for the actual sewing.

AND – in addition to actual workspace…WE HAVE FABRIC!  I bought the fabric for the skirt and hood today.  It’s a lovely olivey green linen weave.  I really like it.  Logan found some broadcloth in the PERFECT blue/teal…and while it isn’t my fave cloth, it should keep the look “rugged” enough to be passable.  I’m not looking for this to be a shiny, “pretty” costume.  I think for it to really be druid gear, it has to be real, imperfect, and natural.  I wanted fabrics with nice, but imperfect weaves.  I won’t shy away from marred leather.  I think it can handle that.

So, the journey on a new costume begins.  Should be fun.


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