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Cosplay: So much progress, so little time
February 2, 2011, 1:42 pm
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So, apparently, staring at this tier set for the months since Blizzcon 2010 is totally paying off.  Things are coming together SO quickly.

The base skirt (green linen and dark blue broadcloth) is done, save for finishing the bottom hem.  I have to decide if I’m going to follow the in-game set completely and add the zig zag pattern and purple “gems” (quoted because I don’t really KNOW what they are, or what I want to do with them) or if i want to take some artistic license and add some swirly embroidery to echo what’s going onto the over skirt.

The blue over skirt is also done, save for ironing it and finishing the top edge.  There’s a lot of detail that still needs to go on there (hand embroidery, EEK!), but the base of the skirt is what it’s going to be.

I also managed to DRAW!  Now, I know, for most people who cosplay, this is SO not a big deal.  But dammit, I don’t draw.  I have a talent for seeing things in my head, and making them real.  I can do that.  I have the creativity.  What I don’t have, is the physical ability to sketch and have it look like anything.  Well, that’s what I thought anyway.  Check it out, bitches!

So, using that last piece as a pattern, I also got all of my leather cut for the front and back panels.  Things will look something like this (with a bunch more decoration.)

The curls will be tooled into the leather (somehow,  technique is TBA) and then painted champagne gold.  I’ve thought about appliqueing them in the same taupe suede that I’ll be edging the panel in, but I don’t think that’s right.  So hopefully, I’m smart enough to figure out the leather tooling/painting thing.

Here’s the back panel, though I haven’t done any of the drawing for the detail yet.  The additional side panels will be cut once my fur trim fabric gets here and I can see how much I’m going to need.  I refuse to buy another side of leather, so I have to be careful to make what I have work.

Next on my plate:

  1. I got all my corset patterns (6 in total), and I’ve kinda started working on getting them sized and sorted for which patterns will go into which pieces.  Right now, it looks like it will take 2 patterns to do the back piece/harness and 2 patterns to do the underbust corset.  Should be fun!
  2. I’m waiting for my (faux) fur fabric to show up.  This will be for the trim on the front and back leather panels.  Maybe this week?
  3. This weekend, I’ll be venturing forth to acquire leather tools.  At the very least, a swivel knife and edge beveler.  We’ll see what else catches my eye.  I’m gonna take a good look at fasteners and hardware in general while I’m there, so see if I can get that taken care of.
  4. Hit a HUGE snag with the green leather for the underbust corset.  The PERFECT leather that I found at Tandy, isn’t available anymore (outside of a tiny swatch).  So I need to find a plan B for that.

Happy cosplaying!


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