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Cosplay: A lot of progress…but not much to look at!
April 11, 2011, 10:55 am
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I delayed this post because I was hoping to get something a little more substantial to share.  Unfortunately, I spent the weekend experimenting with a few techniques (wood burning vs. painting for the scroll edging, acrylic seal or just a nice oil for the leather) and acquiring mats for sewing the panel edging on.

Anyway – I spent last week treating my leather, then carving the scroll work in.  Spray, carve.  Spray, carve.  Then I painted the raised area in a goooorgeous, shiny gold.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it took HOURS.  LOL  I’m completely dreading this process on two more pieces!

Here’s the photo of the carving.  You can also see where I outlined the edges (which will be done in taupe suede) and the vertical piece, just to help me visualize where everything will be.  It’s not perfect, because they were basically free-handed, but from the beginning I have wanted this to be like real, used, armor.  I don’t want it to be perfect.  I’m not avoiding mars in the leather.  I’m enjoying the variations in texture.  So, when my hand slipped and part of the scroll work ended up a little thicker, I kinda went with it.

Here’s the first coat of paint.  1/2 paint, 1/2 water.

And here’s the scroll work (mostly) done.  I’ll probably go through and even out a couple of areas.  Then I’ll seal it up after I burn the edges in.

For anyone who doesn’t have an idea of what this is:

So there you have it.  Hopefully, this coming week will be:

  • burn scroll edging in
  • seal paint
  • oil leather

Which means…if all goes well…this weekend I’ll start working on the suede edging and maybe the fur too!  Stay tuned!


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