A Little Bug in a Big World

About a Bug

I guess You could call this an “About Me” page. I find it hard to believe that anyone would W-A-N-T to read an about me page. I’m really not that interesting.

So…I guess if we want to talk about the past…I grew up in Southern California, but never really fit the Orange County stereotype. I did get married and then we moved to Northern Idaho (I know, right?!) to buy a house near my family. The relationship fell through, but I still have my family, my dogs and my house.

Then..I guess we should talk about the present…I have a boy that loves me. We love to travel, locally and overseas, though obviously not as often as we would prefer. I’m still completely enamored with photography and still fancy myself a half-way decent photographer. And, against all odds, I’m still a knitter. It’s just about the only thing I didn’t complete abandon along this crazy insane road.

And…I guess then there’s always the future to consider. I don’t know what it holds. Right now, I’m in a place where I don’t know if I care what’s going to happen. I like where things are now and I don’t want to complicate it with “What Ifs?”

So…that’s me…and maybe a little personal philosophy thrown in too.

Okay! So let’s lighten things up a bit. I’ve always want to do one of those “100 things about me” lists. This will be a work in progress…well first of all because it’s late tonight and second, I’ll never think of 100 things in 1 sitting.

1 – I’m obsessed with Ladybugs. (duh?)
2 – So obsessed that I have 4 tattooed on my left foot. Don’t worry, there are more coming!
3 – I’m a gamer geek. I can’t help it. Oblivion, Soul Calibur, WoW (I know! I know…) I’m a loser!
4 – LOVE the outdoors. Hiking, fishing, just sitting in the backyard…I love it!


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